Charades word generator

Charades is the best play to provide your friends much fun during house party. One thing you have to do before is preparing the words and phrases list. Instead of that you can use the online generator. When everyone sit comfortable, you divide people into two teams and tell how many points are needed to win. The member of one team acts out the word or phrase and his team try to guess is as quickly as possible. Next, the second team does the same. You can set up a time limit for each turn to have more adrenalin.

Easy Medium Hard

Playing time:
No limit 1 min 3 min 5 min

Wordlist or words generator?

Wordlist or words generator maybe? With our generator you don't need any splits of paper. Moreover, you are able to start the game immediately, without loss of time for prepare secret words or phrases. During the party or meeting, you turn on computer or phone with net connection and use our website to generate words to guess. You have possibility of pick up the difficult level and time which you or your friend must show the word in. So...? Are you ready for the evening full of laugh and fun? Don't waste your time and start the battle!!!

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